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We are an independent florist / flower shop in the town of Biggar Lanarkshire providing flowers for all types of occasions or “just because” flowers. We supply baskets, bouquets, vases, plants and for all the occasions you would need a florist for … anniversaries, new baby , weddings, funerals, new home, Valentines, Mother’s day, Easter or just any time to cheer someone up.

We offer a friendly. personal service with a knowledgeable touch you would expect from a good florists shop. We hope you enjoy our site which is a mixture of the serious side of a flower shop and the fun side …… so go on don’t stop at this page … read on and be part of our florists in Biggar ……We look forward to meeting you and talking to you.

A new year in the shop brings the chance to bring in some lovely bulb arrangements to the shop and also some pots of flowering, scented bulbs that you can place in your own pots around the house and in a sheltered place outside… the perfect cheer up for a dull January day!.Look forward to seeing you in the shop.Coming soon will be Valentines Day, it’s on a Tuesday this year, we have so much fun in the shop over the course of the day’s leading up to the big day!!, so do join us…

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Well, folks, after ranting on about this, that and the next thing for over three years now, we seem to have run out of steam so this, believe it or not, will be our last ever rant.
This, though, is a sombre rant – the demise of the high street florist. High Street floristry, whatever that is, might survive in well-heeled city areas but, while Biggar shops may well be okay, other shopping areas are not doing so well and the days of the florist shops may well be limited. Who knows?
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We deliver flowers for all occasions to Biggar, Coulter, Symington, Skirling areas of Lanarkshire