Flower and Shop Chat

We’ve had such a good response to our last ‘shop chat’ that we thought we’d update you on some of what goes on behind the scenes of running small business.

The suppliers who upped their minimum spend to qualify for free delivery eventually dropped their minimum to match other suppliers, though their final words were ‘Well, that’s all we can do for you!’ As you may have guessed, we haven’t ordered from then again and whether or not we go back to them for Christmas stock still hangs in the balance.

The other supplier, remember the one we challenged for sending us ‘dodgy’ flowers and broken plant arrangements and then struggled to get a credit on the above, phoned us up and queried why we hadn’t placed an order for months. What did they expect? When I explained that I’d written outlining my concerns and hadn’t received a reply, I was told they’d check it out. At least this time they had the courtesy to reply: ‘We’ve treated you dreadfully’, he said. ‘Please order again, but phone me first so I can alert them your order is coming in.’ Why? Surely I should be able to place an order without warning them? But maybe he knows the flowers and plants are not always top quality. I can almost hear him saying to his colleagues, ‘It’s that fussy woman from Biggar again – make sure they’re okay or we’ll never hear the end of it!’

What else? Well, of course, Christmas …

It’s that time of year when we start opening up the Christmas boxes (and we have quite a few) and out pop all these great colours for Christmas. It also sees us buying Christmas magazines to get ideas. This may seem a bit old-fashioned (we’ve confessed to this before) but that’s where we get most of our new ideas from – you see a colour or an accessory and suddenly, click, you have an idea of what you can mix into a design.

It’s that time of year too when we welcome back our faithful bunch of happy helpers, bringing different skills and ideas – and all with their own way of working!! Warm clothes are getting looked out, the heating is being turned up, biscuit tins are filling up so that, hot liquids at the ready, away they go… ‘Who stole my polar bear?’ ‘Who’s got the reindeer ribbon?’ Where’s the variegated holly?’

Christmas usually starts in Biggar with the late-night shopping evening, which this year is on Friday 24 November – a date for your diary!

After that, we will open every Sunday (from the 26th) through to the beginning of the year. We’ll also open as usual on Christmas morning. This allows us to spread our orders but it also gives us more time to chat with you about you Christmas ideas.

Before then, we will be posting lots of ideas for gifts on our gallery page. You’ll find the first of these there as of the middle of October – our super tasteful tree decorations. Wow! We love them! More ideas to follow.

Hope to see you over the festive period! You’re sure of a very warm welcome and, of course, beautiful flowers and floral arrangements.

Rowan Flowers Biggar
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